ASO Keyword Research Tool For Finding App Keyword Ideas

AppKeywordTool is your first to go destination for finding app keywords and discovering iOS keyword rankings easily. Our keyword research tool helps you to search new keyword combinations (longtail too) and phrases that you can use for your App Store descriptions and tags. All you need to do is just query a keyword into our search function.

App Keyword Analysis

Spy which keywords are used by the most downloaded iOS applications in the App Store. We list the high density keywords for every popular app, therefore you can easily learn about the ASO strategy of the top iOS developers.

App Store Keyword Rankings

Discover the most used keywords in the App Store utilized by the top iOS application developers! Our unique ranking scheme includes the keywords used by the popular apps that rule the download rankings of App Store. We don't deal with apps that doesn't work in action.

Keyword Usage Examples

Our keyword finder is more than a useful tool that helps you to find the frequently used words and keyword recommendations. It also displays how a particular phrase is used in context. When you open a keyword page, you will also see the app and the exact sentence where it was used.